Colorado Real Property Tax Appeals Attorneys

Folkestad Fazekas Barrick & Patoile, P.C., has experienced Colorado real property tax appeal attorneys dedicated to obtain maximum property tax savings for clients by employing a comprehensive analytical approach and a targeted legal strategy. Our firm strives to achieve successful results on property tax matters, making use of an extensive knowledge of property tax law coupled with an understanding of property valuation and classification methods.

Our real property tax lawyers have successfully advocated on behalf of agricultural and forest land, industrial facilities, commercial properties, research facilities, vacant land and special uses.

Colorado property owners have the right to appeal real property tax valuations on three different levels. State statutes require the assessor to deliver a notice of valuation to the taxpayer no later than May 1 of the assessment year.

The first level of protests is where a taxpayer or real property owner then has until June 1 to file a protest with the county assessor, who decides these protests before the end of June or August, depending on the county.  Our attorneys assist you in making the most persuasive protests on all three levels, but if you are successful on the first level, the other levels are not necessary, so it is prudent to consult a seasoned real property tax appeal attorney at the outset of the process.

If that decision does not satisfactorily resolve the issue for the owner, the second level of protest is where the taxpayer can appeal to the County Board of Equalization (usually no later than July 15 in a County with a June protest decision deadline, or September 15 in a County with an August deadline, but check with your attorney or County’s Board of Equalization).

If not satisfied with the results of the Board of Equalization appeal, the third level of protest is where the taxpayer can appeal the decision further within thirty days of the decision by filing a District Court action in the district where the property is located, appealing to the state Board of Assessment Appeals, or demanding binding arbitration of the dispute before a private arbitrator.  It is not uncommon for property owners to handle the first two stages o protest to the County assessor and appeal to the Board of Equalization, without the benefit of counsel. Each of the three options at this third stage is a formal legal proceeding that requires the admission of evidence and the presentation of all relevant legal arguments, so it is important to start with the advice of a seasoned real property tax appeal attorney, as each stage has its own potential of resolving the dispute, thus making of the the next stage or stages no longer necessary.

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