Sealing Colorado Arrest Records


For misdemeanor cases, Colorado law recently changed pursuant to Senate Bill 16-116 regarding sealing Colorado arrest records.  Colorado Revised Statutes, added section to provide where a case against a person is dismissed, the person is acquitted or obtains a deferred judgement or diversion agreement, there is now an expedited and abbreviated procedure for sealing all Colorado arrest records.  We assist clients under the new simplified procedure, if they qualify with sealing their Colorado CBI arrest record.  Or, for older cases, we assist clients with determining if their arrest and court case is eligible to be sealed under Colorado law and then, if they qualify, with petitioning the court to seal his or her records by filing a civil action with the District Court in the county where the arrest and/or criminal records are filed. Often a hearing is held to determine if the records are eligible to be sealed, particularly in Douglas County and Arapahoe County, where we frequently assist clients with these types of hearings.

For felony cases and misdemeanor cases before the date of this new Colorado sealing law, call our seasoned attorneys based in Douglas County today for a free telephone case evaluation at 303-688-3045.

About our Colorado Criminal Arrest Record Sealing Attorneys

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