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Our DUI attorneys have been assisting those facing DUI and DWAI charges or other criminal charges in the Denver Metro area for over forty years. As former prosecutors, public defenders, and even judges, we are familiar with all of the seats in the courthouse.

Our Denver criminal lawyers serve individuals throughout Colorado who are facing DUI and DWAI as well as DUI-D charges in Colorado. Our DUI attorneys will work for you to achieve the best result possible in your case and to protect your rights and your license. We also assist our clients with Expressed Consent Affidavits and Colorado Express Consent hearings at the Colorado Department of Revenue Hearings Section.

Every DUI or DWAI case is different, and there are many avenues in which our experienced team of DUI attorneys and paralegals can assist you to help maximize your chances at receiving a favorable result in your case and in mitigating the consequences to you. We will help you by determining:

  • Whether the police were legally justified in pulling your vehicle over, or arresting you?
  • Whether the police were legally able to ask you to take a blood or breath test?
  • Whether the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Rules were followed, in taking your blood or breath test?
  • Whether the blood or breath test accurately measured your BAC at the time of driving?
  • If you were properly informed of your rights and whether all of the legal requirements were met in the case?

The possible outcomes of your case depend greatly on the specific facts, together with the detailed account and timing of the actual events, but the potential outcomes also depend on other circumstances, such as your age and driving record. Depending on your background and other factors such as the BAC, severe penalties such as the loss of your driver’s license, significant fines and costs, or even going to jail, are very possible risks in these cases.

Even for a first offense of DUI and DWAI, you risk suffering consequences which can be a real hardship or even risk the loss of a job, like the automatic loss of your driving privileges if not contested, having to install an interlock device in your case, and having to undergo monitored abstinence from alcohol, not to mention being under the supervision of a probation officer.

At Folkestad Fazekas Barrick & Patoile, PC, our Douglas County DUI lawyers take the time to address your unique personal concerns and we will explore every avenue possible to get the best results for you and our attorneys handle cases throughout the Denver Metro Area. We serve the entire Front Range area from offices in Douglas County, Colorado.

Our DUI and DWAI attorneys are available for a free telephone consultation today! Please call us at 303-688-3045.

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