speak-to-an-attorenyColorado Parental Alienation and Abuse Allegations in Divorce or Custody Cases

Cases that involve parental alienation and abuse allegations are tricky for even the most experienced practitioners.  Our award winning seasoned attorneys are former prosecutors and former judges who are fully equipped to handle these cases.  Our family law attorneys will provide you with hard-won insights and help you develop an effective case strategy so you can navigate these sticky issues in your case with confidence.

  • Is alienation part of your case? Determine what it is, what it’s not and how to spot it.
  • Develop an effective case strategy for proving Colorado parental alienation or defending against wrongful claims or parental alienation.
  • Learn the best prevention or remediation for fighting false abuse allegations.
  • Overcome key hurdles in getting your mental health, substance abuse, or domestic violence evidence admitted.
  • Discover how to successfully challenge witnesses in alienation and abuse cases.

Key issues a seasoned attorney will guide you through in dealing with parental alienation and abuse cases include:

  • Alienation: What it is vs. What it Isn’t and How to Detect it
  • Proving Parental Alienation – Case Strategy
  • Fighting Against False Abuse Allegations
  • The Role of Guardians Ad Litem, Child and Family Investigators, Parental Responsibility Evaluators and Parenting Coordinators
  • Agency Investigations – When They Happen and What the Reports Mean
  • Admissibility of Evidence and Expert Testimony: Key Challenges
  • Witness Examination in Alienation and Abuse Cases: Top Questions to Ask

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