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Preventing critical mistakes in high asset divorce cases is not something that many Colorado divorce attorneys get the opportunity to do very often in their practice. For over 40 years, from our state of the art law offices in Douglas County, our seasoned divorce attorneys work with teams of professions to ensure that your assets are fairly and equitably looked after in a divorce. Our experienced Colorado High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys assist clients with divorce and other family law cases throughout the State of Colorado.

One of the largest, most complex aspects of divorce is the distribution of assets and debt. How do you ensure that you will walk away with a obtaining or retaining a fair portion of the marital estate? Our divorce attorneys combine the legal and financial expertise to give you the knowledge you’ll need from the outset of your case and we assist clients with divorce throughout the Denver Front Range area from our Douglas County law offices.

  • Avoid many of the costly asset division traps that can you to miss out on what you deserve.
  • Negotiate and structure the division of real estate including any second homes or investment properties.
  • Analyze tax records to locate hidden and overlooked assets, income and debt.
  • Make the best use of financial and valuation experts.
  • Explore how trusts are divided in divorce.
  • Use QDROs and other tools to value and divide complex retirement plans and accounts.

We help our clients find new approaches to negotiating the settlement and we bring seasoned courtroom experience as former prosecutors to ensure that cases that need to be litigated are done so at the highest levels of trial practice.

We assist high asset/high net worth divorce clients with:

  • Commingled Separate and Community Assets
  • Vacation Homes and Investment Real Estate Interests
  • Valuing and Dividing Family Business Assets
    • Deciphering Valuation Discounts
    • Interests in Closely Help Corporations
    • Stock Option Compensation
    • Determining the Spouse’s Contribution to the Business
    • What to Look for When Reviewing a Business Valuation
  • Complex Retirement Plans
    • QDROs
    • State, Federal, & Military Retirement Plans
  • Finding Hidden Assets, Income and Debts: Using Tax Returns and other Financial Documents
  • Using Forensic Accountants and Business Valuation Experts
    • Using the Expert Reports
    • Depositions and Cross-Examination of Financial Experts
    • Handling Conflicting Expert Testimony
    • Preparing Effective Sworn Financial Statements
  • Dividing Trust Assets In Divorce
    • Locating and Trust Assets
    • Present and Future Value
    • Proving Trusts as Divisible Assets: Key Tactics
    • How to Counter Argue Trust as Assets
    • Tax Considerations and Transfer Fees
    • Handling Special Needs Trusts in Light of Divorce
  • Other Complex Asset Division Issues
    • Spousal Benefits Eligibility During and After Divorce
    • Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements
    • Asset Management of a Disabled Spouse
    • The Effect of Bankruptcy on Marriage Dissolution
    • High Maintenance/Complex Dissolution When Client is Not Liquid
    • Post-Decree Litigation
    • Mediation and Arbitration

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