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Based in Douglas County, Colorado, our Colorado equine lawyers assist all types of clients in horse law, equine law and equestrian law issues.

Equestrian Agreements and Contracts

For the Barn/Stable Owner: 

  • Barn/Stable Owner/Trainer Agreements
  • Boarder Contracts, including Liability & Hold Harmless Releases
  • Employee/Worker Agreements
  • Fee Agreements
  • Feed & Stall Cleaning Contracts
  • Guest and Visitor Agreements
  • Lease of Facility Agreements
  • Lease or Right of Way Agreements
  • Minor/Parent Authorizations
  • Owner/ Vendor Agreements
  • Owner/Clinician Agreements
  • Pony Club Agreements & Rules
  • Show, Clinic and Event Contracts
  • Trail Riding Agreements
  • Transportation Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements

For the Trainer/Riding Instructor:

  • Fee Agreements
  • Trainer Services Contracts
  • Trainer/Client Contracts, including Release & Hold Harmless Contracts for Riders & Lessons
  • Trainer/Client Contracts, including Release & Hold Harmless Contracts for Horse Training
  • Trainer/ Horse Lease Contracts
  • Trainer/Owner Facility Leasing Contracts, Full & Partial

For the Horse Owner:

  • Appeals and Protests for Registry or Competition Organizations
  • Appraisal documents
  • Breeding Contracts including Stallion Issues
  • Broodmare Lease Agreements
  • Consignment Agreements
  • Co-owner Agreements
  • Donation Contracts
  • Lease of Horse Contracts—Full-time and Part-time
  • Leasing/Sponsor Agreements, Full and Half-time
  • Promissory Notes and Installment Sales
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Rider Agreements
  • Trade Contracts
  • Transportation Agreements
  • Trial Period Contracts
  • USHJA/FEI/USET Appeals and Protests

For Horse Breeders:

  • Breeding Certificates
  • Embryo Sale & Purchase Agreements
  • Mare Breeding Contracts
  • Stallion Breeding Contracts

For Clinicians: 

  • Fee Agreements
  • Release and Hold Harmless Agreements for Owner/Clinician
  • Release and Hold Harmless Agreements for Rider/ Clinician

For Equine-Related Business Owners: 

  • Articles
  • Business Organization and Formation Documents
  • By-laws for  Corporations
  • By-laws for Limited Liability Companies
  • Operating Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements

Equestrian Mediation Services

Often disagreements or disputes in equine and equestrian related matters can be resolved by mediation with a neutral third party.  This process focuses on solutions, avoiding costly litigation, time and aggravation.  Mediation is a process wherein which parties to a dispute agree to allow an agreed upon mediator to serve as a facilitator to resolve an issue.  An experienced horse attorney can help you navigate this maze of options for resolving disputes. Arbitration and litigation services are also available to resolve disputes in those forums as well, and our equine lawyers can help you decide what option is best for you if negotiation fails. Equine and equestrian law is a highly specialized area. Colorado equine attorney Marc Patoile has an extensive knowledge of the issues related to riders and horses. Our equine lawyers work as a team of litigators and transactional attorneys to help and support you in any equine related legal issues.  Call today for a free telephone consultation at 303-688-3045.

Areas of expertise

  • Accident Claims
  • Agency Agreements
  • Agistor’s liens
  • Agricultural Leases
  • Boarding Agreements
  • Brand Inspection Issues and Disputes
  • Breeding Agreements
  • Business Formations
  • Civil Litigation
  • Competition Charges/Defense of Rules Violations
  • Conservation Easements
  • Criminal Charges for – Neglect or Zoning Violations
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning — Trusts for Animal Care
  • Insurance Coverage Issues
  • Landlord – Tenant Issues
  • Legal Agreements
  • Liability Waivers and Releases
  • Pet Trusts
  • Polo Club Representation
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Purchase Disputes
  • Professional Negligence
  • Risk Management
  • Sales Contracts
  • Sales and Purchase Disputes
  • Shipping and Transportation Agreements
  • Stallion or Stud Agreements
  • Training Agreements
  • Valuation Disputes

Call today for a free telephone consultation with a Colorado equine attorney at 303-688-3045. Our Colorado equine lawyers are here to help! Folkestad Fazekas Barrick & Patoile, P.C., serves the Denver, Colorado, metro area with offices in Castle Rock, Douglas County, Colorado. We provide representation in the local, state and federal courts.

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